Food. The critical piece of any book club.

Please sign up to bring something to eat or drink to one of our meetings.
There are plenty of options available.

August 5th:
- pink dip (Jennifer)
beer, still thinking...(about food) Char
fruit, like watermelon or something similar and refreshing (Jan R.)
couscous salad (Catherine)
hummus & veg (Michelle)
olive and goat cheese thingy with crackers (Jennie)

July 1st:
- pink dip (Jennifer)
-some sort of beverage, lemonade, etc (Ann-Bailey)
something to eat (Amy G.)
finger food and bottle of wine- Char
hummus and pita or similar (Jan R.)
brownies and cherries (Tuyen)

Cookies (Marianne)

July 21st:
- some sort of beverage (Jennifer)
-fruit and some sort of dip (Leslie)
left from last time:
several huge bottles of soft drinks ( Ann Bailey)
pulled pork sliders (Phylis)
Chips and dip (Marianne)
chocolate (Michelle)
brownies (Sonia)